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injustto lt goth ideat i cance. i'm shockehe fact thatin 3ys ve nelt in .d th no m lecizew. >> i feel the love >> with cize, it's like a celebration. you n't e th is arkou s isheciset trd be you t p i crank up thee, a e. cizt.u daou gults >> being 52 and losing 62 pounds ising . i did not think i would lose this much weight dancing. >> iintoause wantedarn dan. we loss s e byct,ani dslolyep cp.>>mer is
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s fr itdi>> "m." >> "trea.">> >> the sonose myh."come inalnd a pam ican my hand wslt o r as soon as shaun says, "it's to t up it chesthat incrediblas jenchcirt dwelc ciz im atte>> whefirsd abi wao dawa usve fore i sedeosselfownd blomind. iteay bl min t bee it's are yeadyt's >> reacize? o! to l thmoveperf thay i d se tweig bec was sed ing . god. gas ]
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side of the scale., stme ifsn'tize,finiust ve b look thereen, king i wat cbei've dancefore grator nowancer.therbodyi'd th let sh becau he lo amin yze you k tht saway. ies ntlehe m who is gonna make dancing accessible to millions of people, shaun t.!cheers and appla]s ing t to tograbelieveveryo dan dan i'm nna b to thd th smit thause ablo th er 3, i d ho dan itlike, king.i can a sand bu llouti iteay isvery>> as, apes, size all lof dnd noe. doie, io le chaphyi've ble becadidn how it.
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likey's ng, 'cobodatch migsittere "there's no way i can dae ke ti' been g oncoucsoi'm "i ceach ae to dand a p.g i that i do.en, end o, i' , "iincr.likei can da i te ide wayly down the graphy. >> i've learned six dances. the way that the movements are broken down is not that they'rence but hey'dailvities. >> i shoot the b i shoot the basketboom all you're doing is cau >> hwod stth justhe otworken hd adarms. >> i'ma adme arm take your armsen you moveay andhe wdd s like, flavor to it. >> and you can even lift tit y >>y, thei amng t ly c mov bause ey w >> drink. t tr the end of
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dancswea workt th tim cialle ihomeat'sest over the pastys, id upg 21s. i eve i h poo lot ittiy, oi'm20 . >> i cond th ds we whost.i si thee, aust i doel le m workav>> aouldto l toundsvoil 45s la i don't feel i eautiful. to do. and i'm going to keep cizing it up>> g rdy t 5, 6! come o and wh you cize it up, that music comes on, you have to be, like, "i'm the [bl , "i staght no >> the songs comes on and you gechancence someg hip n. ou lin the, an
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maks pr dit thvery sprograt ther oom our e, a havance yo ylly ike ming and you're oyourving ande yo you'ncheweatd yo on the n pealk cize e lit's . ned isouti and st they ab >> tst hapd.i fiarteze, i beln it i've been a big kid my entire life. when i l pouer 3dayscivethou lrop to nds. i've nost ounds lifting weights.thatnb ts ou to pees itt mo >> tre pout e ovht, ey'rlookr th o thit ey cto g tm stwiificalisis sng tarter ury. ave verwghmy enife.en y'rover, pe
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they don't see the person that's on the inside. what appled abou rogrthatld cisendancet e sa caus know, working gettgym ershipi'citeust utand un, e the htys bac thrst 30of cve a wnd. i 2 po i amitelinui tze iup ughsi jupletee mof and losound and i'm not gonna stop, because it obviously is working. i aound, anika diom iand out. i 't bier. orker me bse it my mi wahinkout scali waing. losweightter. whas aighestght, i wa limatouldwear. i was a size 20 dress, and i'm a size 10 now.
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methasot peopi dihinkld d becaus har you hthatweigmove u habeli wilhe you. adn'd ciwoul be tto figout why i co makmmit mys i a "t noto lose." ceptunds laug bm : op eing and dancing with cize, the end of exercise. this is not just any dance program, but six professional teper glday. do i rhythm and it mau wo iout. ouncand ths an d bo theght is a fa, an's notnna feel like work. >> i'm working out and i don't even realize it. the dvd's over and i'm like, whei doexte?" nnouyou start with "crazy 8 shaun teaches you his 8 signature moves in less than 30
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re lu'llr th d vegot ," a cize routint ,0nlincing it up to the song "treasure."d thow io fo 0 dacizeerinve aerove,ne a roe."ful "lose my breath." >> insto yout r it,e yoing e time nnouand ,"eto involved, a loat o annncthstceo for it."'re in a music video as you cize it up tosis that dutch."d nallgraduate from ancens w "livin' in the 8s."aun grapis emotionally-charged roe to graminat sg elier." >> chandelier >> i felt like going, my arms were up. >>'monouordeausehilimime
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bonuses -- you get the cize dance calendars that show you which routine to do each day -- a beginner calendar to move more gradually or an advanced calendar if you're looking for the fast track. you get the cize guidebook, which helps you track your progress and get the most out of every move and every routine. and for those looking fosior e ing "e," a peectlll weiss gu ods you sti gre s. >> "eat uide mporool re-d meo eat. >> announcer: yo get-choreographed abne to thsongeads" >> 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. i've never had that. >> but this really is a limited-time offer, and will never be sold ins. uld on a mogym ship500 montancees.
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t for $500not ev100.u' brn ndinfoeeym9. alsowo awesomeftn l not sacrifice. so you get his "weekend survival guide," filled with tips on what tond dhen out onown ng your resweda digresulittleter. ht p >> >>ncerth's rall six professional dance routines, all the bonuses, and everything you see here for less than the price of one dance class with 30-day moneyack don'te a tablas it back for a fuund of theephese frouppo livsessith n, g cimuni we know you'reed t staro nodon' week
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'l tovelue,, so can bng it up in three to six business days, guaranteed. and after 30 sen we'll ou apairize socksyou ittlattude ju likn t. >> i'mio w it's finally here. but dema beey, s. >> tleepboutowup.>> aow t yours, because cize is gonna be tock.l, car et's time to lose weight and get in shape the fun way. please be patient if our phone lines are busy, or go online to take advantage of this $450
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$19.95. on this favand ady y je g bei amg ld ce womy fst0 dacizeelmplen a i'm rs o r taany dasson at first, i go, gonnthis s ha but it's an addictioe you're like, "no, i'm got this." >> i keep e yodo i stn it nd ns jue, yknowve igot i remet.thatnce,'s lldo, so edcalee,havi, anre l i eveize uch . oufeerth cot o lts,ms gplet
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ightd i st d.hin have.t toanit comeilafatyjustcing. t that people need to kner ey'ra sest g of people that went through sonyre feelings ahe pbu the one inn --had rt. is not an exercise class, wonnaosweig we'na burn calories. yes, you're gonna sweat.zee en exci, because we arerowixercis, anare live bethe thalosee go notlookon yt yoonna an ed v of ugglh myightthennd cth c le a s da k, fn.
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not about a 2/4 or 11/12 or aze-3 it aw so cizeup to the wn. >> 30 ateree thrize,not only gave me the bodvei ood no be, insidede. kei ac hav sas>> wto get ment e inake r ow. i loved the mn evlediav>> ined e ogra wa theogra a ssion. simple structure where you repeat the mov andof getod they're movements you're goe thut tire prram.>> that one gave me conf, d it reassured me , "o t nobe hip-hop dance but, hey, i t thit.">> dance, dance
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"y gote zy roubut with a >>su"beuse e, and i was so hay, ad just e treasure tre hat t yo nd tu go gre you ju, likeu kn bout off >> caneep boymakese mth i wing reath.'s fun. it reard.>> b goe st g it.>>eep up? boy thee ."obuskes of can get your sexyit onetle bit. wanu-hoo- teltellaby here d as y yeah.
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int movts, an nohitting it." >> it's just good, grounded hip-hop. >> okay, i'm a 47-year mother of two. el ltotabamamama uckl doo, doo, dooka >>kind, ydancle, uld "putch nyboe st s ri that yo "livin' in tan choreography down. >>hat e...[ siit's jre e >> i jus bea doing it ind of took all those s awthe reday, workout >> i'm fly li bird h the night e nd ie, "s! wh roum i do today?"roineslearom chich was my favorite? i ac sig thaugh, sng>> sercising, people.
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>>nnou: cize youertoaste shaun's routines right at home, aljust payof $19 ry sday,k ard wor t was to >> ybe ssed on s yot beevho e weill ff. as f on nce.i knt's did se the weight. it transformed my body. >> after doing cizm a dancer. it's jus ands whrekefoncofnlou at. havnce ctorone of best,ur l rory dchinthe s. the isdi >> announcer: and you might want to order now, because cize also includes four free bonuses. you get the cize dance calendars, the "get started" eat anze cith ll ay moneyk gun't the ro in ays, s ba. >> announcer: call in the
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a $15 value, for free, so youcan start dancin thro siness days, guaranteed.>> fe dvtheat up!ide, areo mals aourcthe prthated mave the results that i had.ofur body down,ay g toexerciever >> announcer: so call this ni, whaw the commercials for cize, i was like, "oh, here we go.othee thi re thar vo wasng on ritybeuse ly
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oundto bemelintereg, ther ttht da i wa likoh, mylike's ato d>> it's intense being in thinre aof, i'm exci wor in y now.i ac always knew tha was loto d but wheneachtain poins li, ow d art? way he mts a e mout tey'r acti, th dr a gf wartrip rip.on.t. i'mcer nd t no m lecizeo. you know, i dihislikeow, i waitse is wi'vecarr intcausnted for e weoss the by-product. 3snt i wworkhard eor f .
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>> when i hear the word exercise, i hard wo. >> exe i ate w nning.>> i tnk of ps, k oflessats. >> i, sae. ym mhipsachi >> pus cru kilour >>ym ittle mida urpeing in rs. whcod doat 2nds? >> meaerso ciate se wh ttin endworkno ing r wo agalaug >> stop exerleize. >> cize isxerc theng gppenright at the bng of the t. >>doesel lrk all ls ltreat. >> with ciwantarnd i everthis ht. it's because i was d something that i really enjoyed, something that was fun. >> the dvd's over and i'm like, "okay, wheca e?"
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hadettia go th thi habl no werjumps. this is the end ofise. gram iere i ncin >>ust thend ist l thsic . mao dasut th>> ialysooexis mup.[ la sog yo evegle whyu nego sonle? se twhy ste e.ey'r, "ionna s scale now,his gonnhe sf my at h if your djustg and worrboutcale my s maand toe 50s. t likingso this is why, when i did insanity, when i did t25 was
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is is t fo l blt ins juit by sume. i s cizried ose ig ple timi'vediffprog.wasnatisfiause likeng o m cit up e godon' at itexer itust keettiand goin pard i' we'ra dad doseroutinand fellive i reaow me weig jusng o ly and so fastse i ng wwas being 52 andosg 62s annchehocking for me. i feel like i shavedars of m. foet this result is a steal.
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nfiden foe woout th 50sp th weild yk fre... ur lck. 'c i ge. >> announcer: stop e art g with cize, thed ofise. shaun's gonna teach you how to dance right in your own home. and the added boe wes goll off >>seshow rults annnc: yoearn awmusith "8's.simovechorhed song in r."on'll master this ine an reamovego routine an internet sensation, with people posting over 40,000decizisuthen move "full out," and "lose my breath." thene re cket," and you'll cize it up to "problem. with the fifth routine, sh chle and with "go for it."
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were in a dance battle, you could use "pass thch" benybody >>ncer: and, finally, yougraduate from ance lessons withn' il li actin a videi'm like, "yes chan >> ann order, b inclour free th d sudin up!arfecy-rtio easy-to-follow weight-loss guide letu eat ods you and still get re >>eat uide was a mporool weigss. e-trme heat. i lost 30 pounds cizing it up. >> announcer: analso "8-count abs," a craphed outine that takes you just inutes >> i have a six pack that i've r hare, i feel ouncu coend 100 month g
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to dn yo homt fo, noev $10 caow fstofu al g two gifts from shaun t. "the weekend survival guide" is filled with tips on what to eatinen yout town without sabotaging your results.and jump-start your weight loss with the "7-day size down" for resn yost .>> eound >>ho ouncat's, yo get all six dance routines, "8-count abs," and everything you see here for less than the price of one dance class with shaun. and cies with a full30-dey-bk n toce in ays or send it back for a full refund of the pure price nom online support.atte shaun, g free tl commu and now you don't o wao to weestart g. call in the neht m and we'll upgrade your to
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e itp"ocksu ca e wiittltude >>boutuncher -ciopn ditlybut demand has been craz doit. >>[ble aboblowup.>> aer: ow t yours, because this one will be d when you call, be sure to ask your operator how you can stream all your cize routines to any laptop, tablet, or phone.
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cize it up today.uron of e preseniz bro yody. thea's csarou,ooheit gseln onheer
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utme ae m oi er l wmp bfev hom el's. .>> wh w>>rel'llay w .e zte
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>>elinssouratyt nt ireinngeroushiheseaukell be theine.l,ge i tyl
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ofui>>t vern, t: wou nttioortsh orsp . o ihe ir:te yburt co i rin:>>sh nd
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noig bi.>>. yre cagoueeld eus th mgh gok. po:lecu h. emfd.r:heui womenal ieeenmorcehe
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gse atwee b i my >>s>> hehenltteeut pngovomsse. tin iceeo ehep tal hasg er:gn>>ct it does. >>
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